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Bible vs. Pop Culture

I have to be honest, I have spent far more time talking in pop culture than reading the bible.  Along the way I have really seen the power of pop culture.  All of us are bombarded with things and it begins to control us. You might say I’m being overly dramatic again. I would say, why then would a company spend 3.8 million dollars for a 30 second commercial at this year’s Super Bowl? Answer is,  these businesses know if you watch that commercial it will stick with you long after the 30 seconds is over. It will even help you decide what your next drink will be, or even what the next car you will drive is.  I’m not against anyone who advertises. The point is, if one 30 second commercial can stick with you and influence you, what do you think hearing something 24/7 can do to you?

The lie of pop culture is that if the majority people believe it, that makes it true.

Here’s a good test, take out some old pictures of yourself.  I’m pretty sure if your like me, you will say, “What was I thinking?”  As a kid, people told me short shorts and socks pulled up to your knees was cool.  Insert, mullet jokes here.  I believe there are 2 reasons people don’t connect to the Bible anymore. One, the way they talked, dressed, and lived back then.  Second, I believe the biggest reason is that pop culture says the complete opposite of the Bible.  Our culture says do what you have to do for yourself; while the Bible says love thy neighbor.  Our mentality has grown very selfish. Why wouldn’t it because we hear it everyday.

God wants us to forgive people, but again the world says “an eye for an eye.”  The Bible says the plan of God is one man and one woman should reproduce and that kids should honor their mother and father.  I have literally seen musicians on television more excited to represent the city they live in and completely walk out of their kids’ lives.  As a society, why do we think kids can honor their parents when parents are not loving and teaching them?

My hope is, anyone who reads this actually start to pay attention to the messages in their music and on television.  I’m sure you will see the same contrast between pop culture and the Bible that I do.  Ask yourself, just because the majority people say it is true, do I have to agree with it?  It may help you spiritually and also might help prevent another mullet epidemic.